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Need some help with the HCG Diet?
Have you lost weight before, only to gain it all back?
Would you like to be healthier, leaner, and stronger?

I can help!


My name is Adele Frizzell and I’m an online health coach and record-breaking powerlifter who believes in #allthefood. And yes, that means donuts and Snickers bars on occasion.

I’m also an ACE-certified Health Coach with a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology, and a respected authority on fitness and nutrition. I’ve written one of the most fact-based books on the HCG Diet. It’s called The HCG Diet: Fact and Fiction. 

My goal is to empower women to become healthy, fit, and unstoppable! I help hard losers, yo-yo dieters, busy moms, and people with slow metabolisms. I can help YOU lose weight, get fit, and learn how to stay lean without killing yourself in the gym or depriving yourself of foods you enjoy.

As a health coach who specializes in “hard losers” like myself, I’ve learned:

1. There is no one-size fits all for fat loss and fitness.

2. It’s impossible to stick with something you don’t enjoy.

Grit will only get you so far. Your diet and physical activities should revolve around the easiest and most ENJOYABLE methods to get you the results you desire.

Every BODY is unique, and so I work with my clients to help them with their fat loss and fitness goals. Some people love cardio, others love lifting weights. Some people hate to exercise, and so I help them find activities that they enjoy. I am here to support you, educate you, and keep you accountable on your health journey. Whichever path you choose, I will help you lose weight and build new, healthier habits so you never have to diet again.


Things you WON'T have to do if you buy the 90-Day Transformer Program


Stress about eating 500 calories – because you can eat more and still lose weight!


Not be able to exercise while on the HCG Diet because exercising is a good thing!


Stress about eating off protocol. Because you can eat a variety of foods!


Do endless cardio in order to lose weight and get fitter


Worry about what happens when the diet phase ends and you go back to real life

Stop eating out with friends and family

Cut out carbs and wine when the diet ends, just so you can stay lean


Things you WILL have to do if you buy the 90-Day Transformer Program


Come to coaching calls to check your progress and make sure you’re set up for success


Do the lessons and homework which will take about an hour a week


Participate in some form of physical activity, whether it’s a home-based workout I provide or some other activity you prefer


Commit to changing your behaviors one small habit at a time


Weigh and measure yourself so I can keep track of your progress

Track your macros and learn about Flexible Dieting (I’ll teach you everything)


A Customized Plan

Help with The Preparation Phase, The Diet PhaseThe Transition Phase and the Maintenance Phase of a diet, so you can slowly transition back to “real life” when the diet is over, with a plan so you don’t gain all the weight back.


Weekly Nutrition and Health Lessons

Each week, you will receive a new nutrition and health lesson with homework. You will come to see how your weight and health is affected by your daily choices and habits.


Whether it’s an invitation to join the green smoothie challenge, or a 75-page recipe book, I’ll be popping in with some special bonuses throughout our 12 weeks together!

4 Private Calls With Me

You’ll get an onboarding call with me, plus one 45-minute call with me each month to check on your progress, and adjust any goals so you are set up for success. If you want more individual attention and accountability, you have the option to invest in more calls.

Weekly Group Coaching Calls

We’ll have weekly group meetings in order to take a deep dive into a health topic. There will be a Q and A session at the end so you can have your questions answered.

Flexible Eating

You will master the skills of flexible eating so you can continue enjoying the foods you like, perhaps tweaking them little-by-little (as needed) so that they become healthier over time.

Kickstart Home Workout

Each month, you will be provided with a Kickstart Home Workout that you can do in the comfort of your home. This 30-minute workout is focused on improving your strength, mobility, and core and could complement your existing activities. If you want a more personalized weight training program, you can buy one.

Ask Me Anything!

You can email me anytime and I will respond within 24 hours, Monday – Friday. This means you’ll have access to me between our coaching calls so that we can keep the momentum going and deeply embed your new habits.

Weekly Goal Setting

Each week, you’ll be challenged to set a new health, fitness, and wellness goal for yourself so that at the end of 12 weeks, you’ll have a completely new set of healthy habits!

The Transformer 90-Day Program runs 3x times a year and enrollment is limited.

This limited time offer disappears in:

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Is the Transformer 90-Day Program really as good as it sounds?

YEP! There’s so much packed into this course! In three months you’ll feel and look better, and have a whole different outlook on nutrition and fat loss. No BS, just sensible, science-based advice and a customized approach to help you gain muscle and lose fat. You’ll get to eat like a normal human being once the diet phase ends, and enjoy more food freedom. Check out some of the testimonials from previous clients below.

Can I do this program while I'm on the HCG Diet?

It’s perfect for those who are interested in rapid weight loss, like my client, C, who lost 60 pounds with HCG and Flexible Dieting. You can read about her journey here.

Will you coach me through a round of HCG and P3?

Yes, I coach through all phases of the HCG diet and into maintenance.

You can join on your loading phase or anytime during P2.

The program starts Monday, April 15. If your HCG hasn’t arrived by then, that’s perfectly fine. You can still get started in other ways.
Remember: The focus is on nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle change while losing weight. You build habits and learn how to keep the weight off permanently right from week 1. This is so you can go from P3 to “real life” smoothly and easily.
How quickly will I be able to start once I pay?


Shortly after you make the payment, we will send you an email with some forms to complete as well as a welcome package which includes some things you can do to prepare. Once the program begins, you’ll receive your first lesson and invitation link to the weekly Q&A calls.

How much weight can I expect to lose?


About a half a pound a day of weight-loss, on average. Most women can lose about 15-20 pounds in a month. Leaner individuals, and those with hypothyroidism may lose a little less. You can expect to gain a little muscle as well. Your clothes should start fitting better right away.

Do I need any special equipment?
  Body Weight Scale – You don’t need to spend big bucks, you just need a scale that is consistent in its read out. Meaning, if you measure yourself three times, the number doesn’t change. Food Scale – If you don’t already have one, be sure to buy a small kitchen scale that converts grams and ounces and will allow you to reset the weight (also called TARE) to zero if you have something on it, such as a dish. These cost $20 and up. Tailor’s Tape – so you can take your body measurements each month.

What is the time commitment to this program?

You’ll need to set aside about 1 hour a week for lessons and homework. Knowledge is power, and when it’s combined with action you become truly unstoppable! You’ll also need to set aside time to meal prep once Phase 2 ends. Don’t worry, this is going to SAVE you time and money during the week and we’ll show you how: there’s an entire lesson dedicated to this topic.

Each week is an opportunity to build new healthy habits.

What is your refund policy?

The Refund Policy is as follows: No refunds will be given for the Transformer 90-Day Program after seven days have elapsed from the start of the program.

For our purposes, Day 1 begins when Lesson 1 is emailed to you from Adele Frizzell LLC. It is not based on when the email/lesson is claimed to have been received and/or opened. Any money paid, either in full or in part, is non-refundable and non-transferable after seven days. To request a full refund, please send an email to before midnight CST on Day 7 of the program. No explanation is required.

What if I need a little extra help?


Not a problem! You automatically get one onboarding call and a private coaching call every month but if you need a bit more help, you can purchase additional private coaching calls anytime you like. A 3-call package is $249 (normally $297). Individual calls are $75. Time slots are subject to availability. Each session can be up to 45 minutes long. Please email for more information.

Don’t forget: you can also email me and I’ll reply back Monday – Friday, 9-5 CST. I usually respond within a few hours.

Is it REALLY only $999? Are there any hidden costs?


It REALLY is only $999 US and there are no hidden costs! However, we offer a few more services/products you may want to consider:

Calling Packages: One onboarding call and one private coaching call a month is included in the program. Anytime you feel like you need a little more one-on-one help, you can buy a call package. Private call packages start at $249 for 3×45-minute calls (discounted from $297). Individual calls are $99.

Strength Training Programs. We can create a customized weight training workout based on your schedule and goals. Packages start at $199 for 3 months of programming. Please email for details.

Think about it. How much have you spent on weight-loss products and diets over the years only to gain the weight back? With a focus on empowering you to make permanent and sustainable changes to your nutrition and lifestyle, the Transformer is a small investment in your long-term health and happiness.

What if I don't want to do the Kickstart Workout?


You can do any kind of exercise you like. The goal is to get you in the habit of exercising 3-4x a week, and to find something you enjoy doing!

If you’re interested in lifting weights in a gym and building more muscle and strength, you can purchase a customized weight training program for only $199 for 3 months. Email for more information.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! The Transformer is $999 for 3 months, one-time payment. If you wish to pay monthly, the cost is $399 per month.

We accept PayPal.


I highly recommend Adele to anyone who is looking for help in weight loss, building healthy habits (both mind & body) and feeling great!

I love Adele’s no BS, fact and science-based approach to health and fitness. No fluff, no unrealistic promises, just honest-to-goodness, helpful information and guidance.

With her help, I lost weight when nothing else was working and she gave me the tools to keep it off.

(Down 60 pounds and maintaining!)

The Transformer 90-Day Program runs 3x a year and enrollment is limited

This limited time offer disappears in:

Days     Hours     Minutes     Seconds    

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